Week of February 19-23
Time for Kids - Due Feb. 23
Week of January 29-Feb 2
Finish States project - Due Feb 2

Week of November 27-December 1
Continents and Oceans Quiz: Friday, Dec 1
Time for Kids due December 5
Week of November 6-10
Time for Kids due November 9
Week of October 23-27
October 25 - Quiz on Lesson 1 information about Physical Geography
October 27 - Continents and Oceans Quiz

TIme for Kids is due October 23
A new Time for Kids will be assigned on Tuesday, October 24. It will be due October 31.
Week of October 16
Time for Kids will be assigned on Monday, Oct 16 and is due Monday October 23
Week of October 9
Geography Test - Friday, October 13
Week of October 2
Time for Kids due October 6
Geography test on Geography terms - Friday, October 13
Week of Sept. 24
Quiz Wednesday on the 5 themes of geography
Quiz Friday on the continents and oceans
Week of Sept. 18
We will be finishing up the first unit on about what geographers do. There will be a quiz next week.
First quiz - Sept. 13
There will be 3 questions:
What is geography?
What are the 5 themes geography?
What do geographers study?