Welcome to Grade 6

Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum for grades 6 and 7 centers around World Geography. This year we will primarily be exploring the Western Hemisphere. During the first quarter of the year, we will examine what geography is, the tools that geographers use, and how geography affects the lives of people. From there, we will study the regions of the United States. During the second half of the year, we will explore the other countries of North America, including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and Central America, and finally, South America. In addition to geography, we will also spend time discussing current events and other topics that are of interest to students .

We will be using several resources, including our textbook, Discovering World Geography. There is an on-line version of the book so students who have access to the internet at home can use that instead of carrying their book back and forth. There are other materials I plan to use, a few of which are also on-line. If you do not have internet access, let me know.

All students should have a three ring binder (1”-1 ½”) to hold handouts and keep notes together. Organization can be a challenge for some students at this grade level, so I will check notebooks periodically as a quiz grade. Students may use the same binder for several classes, but it will be important that they keep a separate section for Social Studies and keep their notes together. Many of our homework assignments will be assigned weekly using the news magazine, Time for Kids. There may also be some other short assignments or longer term projects throughout the year that may require work at home. Quizzes and tests will be also be given periodically.

The last period of the day for all grade 6 students will be writing with their homeroom teachers. We will begin the year doing just that - writing. We' ll look at how we get ideas of what to write, strategies to develop those ideas, and ways to develop our "voice" in writing. We will also develop skills in narrative, informational, and argumentative styles. Vocabulary, editing, and revising will all be intertwined in the class.

Homework for all classes:

I will typically post homework assignments under each class each week.